Services include concept, writing and production of music for film, stage and interactive media.
The project will be treated as a whole. Adding up to it's existing assets and taking care of their display is the essential code of practice. The music's function is to tell what needs to be told whenever this can't be done by pictures and words alone.
Well crafted scores will be delivered fast and efficiently with a sense for the proper emotion and a timing, that is precise and frame accurate. Whether subtle or striking, tender or tempestous, classical or contemporary. It will be my pleasure to help you choose from an endless variety of musical possibilities. With my expertise in story-telling and psychology we will do whatever fits best for your project.


Rights of use can be granted in many configurations: Whether simple or exclusive, limited or unlimited regarding space, time and type of utilisation.
The tender will be determined in respect of the requirements and budget of your project.
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About Jan Peters

Creating music requires more than just an awareness of the rules of composing. Music that touches people's hearts needs a lot of passion for telling stories and a sure flair for aesthetics.

Creative and reliable Jan Peters was and still is significantly involved in many successful projects. Among these are the original score for the world premiere in German language of Carl Djerassi's "Insufficiency", musical supervision for the play "Oxygen" (Bayer AG), original score and musical supervision for "Darwin als Mensch" (Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe AG, Cologne) and many more.

Jan Peters' path to composing began in his early childhood when he was trained in playing the piano and in vocal techniques.
He studied music and physics in Cologne and Siegen and learned the craft of composing among others from Prof. Martin Herchenröder (Siegen), Prof. Ernst Ueckermann (Köln), Prof. Samuel Adler (New York) and Jeff Rona (Los Angeles).
At the electronic production and processing of sound Jan Peters uses his physical expert knowledge in acoustics and electro-dynamics.

As a solo artist and as a member of various bands he acquired a big scope of styles over the years, which he incorporates in his projects.

Jan Peters' compositions benefit from his ability to put himself in the position of his audience and to charm them with exciting stories.