Jan Peters


New compositions

20th July 2017 - The instrumental Swing-Jazz ballad "A rainy night in the streets" is the perfect music for a lonesome private investigator, who is out on another night without sleep... Just listen!

01rst July 2017 - The fantasy suite "The light and the dark dragon" tells a story of the typical battle between good and evil. Prepare for an exciting progression and let the romantic orchestra sink in!

Recent projects

17th August 2017 - Music meets Art
Under this motto the artist Indra Muschallik and me joined forces. Indra, by the way a musician aswell, has begun to illustrate a suite of mine. Her inspiration created two dragons in a fight. Thus the title for the suite was established: "The light and the dark dragon" (listen to the suite).
A design for the dark dragon can be found already at Indra's profile on DeviantArt. Look foreward to further announcements!

25th July 2017 - Fantasy author and game developer Falko Kötter and me have begun a new project. For the present only this much: It addresses the friends of classical puzzle-games aswell as fantasy fans. The music while state-of-the-art still revives a lot of the nostalgia from vintage video game consoles. The story content relates to the fantasy world of Relegatia. If you like to inform yourself about it in advance, then I reccomend the books, short novels, short stories and game books in German language at the Relegatia homepage to you.



  • 25th August 2017 - Visit at the SoundTrack_Cologne 14


  • 2015 Attended Jeff Rona's masterclass at STC12
  • 2013 Carl Djerassi (†) visiting the Premiere of "Killerblumen"
  • 2012 Masterclass for composition of Prof. Samuel Adler